Bendot e formiran vo sredinata na 2009 godina od strana na gitaristite Milan "Fangi" I Martin "Snoop" kako i vokalot Viktor "Bof". Kratko po formiraweto, na bendot mu se pridru`i i tapanarot Stefan "Ordo". Pri krajot na godinata bendot go regrutira{e i basisot Vladimir,so {to bendot stana celosen. Po godina dena od formiraweto i po nekolku svirki odnosno vo po~etokot na 2011 godina,bendot go napu{ti basistot Vladimir i na negovo mesto dojde      Mi{ko koj mu dade dopolnitelna dinami~nost i energija na bendot. Prvoto EP e izdadeno vo Mart 2011 i e nasloveno kako "We Started With Blood"  EP-to sodr`i 7 pesni i Intro istoto mo`e da go ~uete na na{iot sajt. Vo leto vo ovaa 2014 bendot ke odi povtorno vo studio kade {to ke se snimi dolgogodi{niot nov spremen materijal vo koj {to ve}e e izgraden na{iot stil koj ke go prepoznavate, da se nadevame deka prviot na{ album ke izleze do krajot na 2014.

Aktivnosta na bendot e konstantna od 2009 do 2014 godina i prodol`uva so istoto tempo.... (pove}e naskoro)

The band is formed in the middle of . 2009 by guitar players Milan"Fangi" and Martin "Snoop" and the vocal in the band Viktor "Bof".Soon after the formation in the band joined the drummer Stefan "Ordo".By the end of the year the band recruited Vladimir the first bass player in the band.After a year and a half and a few gigs,Vladimir left the band and shortly after him in the band joined Misko,who gave the band some extra dynamic and energy.First EP is published in year 2011 in March and it conteins 7 songs and Intro, you can find them on our web site.
The band is active from 2009 until now (2014) , the new album is coming out soon(recording is set for the summer), probably at the end of this year the first album will be released.. (more coming soon)


Our influences are many bands who leave big mark in metal wave of music , great bands as IN FLAMES , AS I LAY DYING , KILLSWITCH ENGAGE , MACHINE HEAD , SLIPKNOT and many others who traped our souls (when i mention soul i remebered on SOULFLY) and kept us going and giving us courage through their music and lyrics. But still, our bend is someting that we craeated with no stealing melody and riffs (like some band do just for fame) we think that everything someone made by himself is more worth and its a priceless thing , marked in the big book of METAL , something made from the heart.... that's us!!


Our lyrics are pure reallife stuff, friendships, hate , love , good, evil , our emotions from what we expirienced in our life, cruelty of people and all mixed with hard screams to express the anger , emotions and no fear .....,,
When we are in lyrics stuff i want to thanks my friend IAN BLACK who gave permission for the lyrics of the song Opening Night. He is a great poetry writer and you should (you must) read his work, so talented.... check his stuff


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